Before the journey
Preparing for your trip means first of all being interested in the destination.

  •  Learn about the inhabitants, their way of lifestyle, mores and customs, heritage, religion, environment, economy and learn a few words in the language of the destination.
  • Choose professionals involved in responsible tourism: travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, guides, on-site activities, accommodation, restaurants.
  • Take only the essentials and keep room in the suitcase to bring back locally made souvenirs. Find out about the practice and limits of price haggling and tips left to professionals: restaurants, accommodation, guides, craftsmen, merchants, without insisting on obtaining privileges.
  • To leave with a light mind, keep a critical mind. Questioning the reality and the risks of the destination. Get information from the competent organizations, without being too influenced by certain media.

 The journey allows the meeting, the meeting allows the knowledge, the knowledge allows the confidence.

 During the trip
Respect nature as well as men and their culture.

  •  Put yourself at the same level of the habits and customs of the destination, without imposing your habits or lifestyle, paying attention to the way you dress, especially in places of worship, but also to the signs of wealth that can contrast with the local standard of living.
    Taste local food and be curious about authentic accommodations.
  •  Before photographing a person, take the time to ask their permission and take the opportunity to establish a dialogue. For children, ask for parental consent.
  •  Like at home, sorting waste, saving water and energy. Respect the rules posted in natural spaces, in order to preserve the balance of the place, as well as in museums, cities or on the beaches.
  •  Take care and don’t take souvenirs from natural and archaeological sites and don’t encourage theft and damage by buying sacred objects or products from protected species. Give preference to donations to competent associations, schools, village chiefs, rather than encouraging begging especially that of children. Denounce the sexual exploitation of children. In several countries, laws prosecute sexual offenses committed abroad.


 After the trip
Promote dialogue between cultures to enable tourism as a factor of peace

  •  Honor its commitments with the people met during the trip, sending photos for example. If you have noticed serious and intolerable situations, report them to the agency that sold you the trip or to the competent authorities.
  •  Offset all or part of the emissions related to your trip, and in particular air travel, by contributing to climate solidarity projects. Support local initiatives by donating to development associations, getting involved in Non-Government Organization or buying fair trade products.
  •  Share your travel experience, with family, friends or on social networks to testify to the riches and weaknesses of our planet and provide others with advice on how to travel better.
  •  Prepare for your next trip, near or far, by becoming aware of the many virtues of tourism, not only economic and social but also cultural and environmental. Tourism gives value to heritage and encourages its protection.

 Only our footprints should remain behind us, let’s leave the best of memories to our guests.

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