Water and energy, remuneration and welfare, saving endangered biodiversity, fighting global warming, reducing poverty. Thus, we work to systematize the use of sustainable resources and to limit the social and environmental impacts of our activity, these are the objectives of our vision!

Fair and direct compensation

 The salaries of our employees are higher than the legal minimums. In the majority of cases, our guides and collaborators are paid from a bank account based in the country of destination, in order to comply with local legislation.

Water and plastics management

 Since water today is a rare commodity whose use must be responsible, we have developed support measures to avoid all forms of waste. Aware of the harmful effects of plastic bottles, we provide water dispensers in vehicles and encourage our customers to use reusable water bottles.

Sorting and recycling

We favor the purchase of food without packaging, the use of fabric bags and degradable paper. Our bins at the camp are separated according to the nature of the waste to allow easy sorting and recycling. Our meals are cooked using local products from neighboring farms, often organic, ordered in reasonable quantities to limit waste, then composted at the chalet

Optimize our resources

 We advocate sustainable consumption of our materials and resources, whether using recycled paper, managing our computer equipment, remaining faithful to selective sorting, lighting with low-energy LED lights, to use eco-responsible cleaning products or to subscribe to green energy.

Taking care of our teams

We offer a particular attention to our employees. The diversity of their origins and
backgrounds is always a source of wealth. In positions of responsibility, we encourage the work of women. The vast majority of our contracts are for an indefinite period. We take care of the mutual social insurance. Finally, we promote sport and the well-being of our employees by setting up various activities.

Fight against climate change

 We are part of this collective effort. Whether during our travels or through our partners, we are more than ever involved in preserving the environment, respectful of the planet and its inhabitants.

100% carbon neutral trips

 The CO2 emissions generated by the air and land transport of our customers and our employees are 100% absorbed. To meet this unprecedented challenge in the tourism industry, Hewa Bora Tours and Safaris is committed by participating in various direct or indirect reforestation projects with our partners working in the field of nature protection

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