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Hewa Bora Tours and Safaris is a local travel agency based in Namibia (Southern Africa), specializing in tailor-made and group trips accompanied by a privileged interlocutor for each of our destinations. The smiles of the end of the world and the lights of the great outdoors guide our steps and the design of our trips.

We offer you very high quality stays and circuits with a unique choice of activities, many original combinations, charming accommodation close to nature, private support with respect for everyone and our planet. You will benefit from a personalized welcome at all our destinations. Our passionate team, motivated and perfectly mastering the terrain, will offer you the trip of your dreams while respecting your profile and your budget. We attach particular importance to customer service and satisfaction. Traveling alone or accompanied does not mean leaving without a follow-up or in the dark. We provide a support service from the beginning to the end of the stay. Our journeys are made of pleasure, discovery, sharing and encounters that remain magical, unique and unforgettable. Emotions guaranteed!


When we created Hewa Bora Tours and Safaris, we had this obsession for landscapes, lights, fauna, flora, meetings and above all the practice of tourism in harmony with the environment and local communities.

Since then, our small company has developed well, putting us in front of a responsibility to reconciliate the development of the activity with our concern for the protection of the environment and the local populations.

Ecotourism, fair tourism, responsible tourism etc… Lots of trendy expressions, but how can you be sure to respect the freedom of others? How to make sure to participate in the development of populations while being eco-responsible? How to concretely get involved in these causes while ensuring a tourist activity that makes it possible to employ and remunerate local staff ? All these are questions that have an answer and we are
experimenting with it with great success.

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